When talking about Taiwan, one of the first things comes up in mind will be the night markets.

The Yuanda Night Market in Tainan County, Taiwan.

You can almost find anything you like in the marketplace: delicious food, snacks, accessories, clothes, some electronics, and some games for kids.

An auction

Some accessories

Want to get a new watch? Here you are!!

Need something? Everything is NT 100! (around $3)

Of course, food always plays the central role in the night market!!

HHHHot pot!! and a lot of different kinds of food are waiting!

Stewed food (meat, tofu, etc…)

Grill seafood!

I don’t know what they are, but look delicious!

Looks nice, right?

One piece of sushi? Be my guest!!

However, what is rarely mentioned is the heterogenous soundscapes of the marketplace. A wide range of sounds exist in the night market, from electronic games, pop music played by the record stores, people’s talks, to different kind of live performances. It not only creates a unique soundscape, but also demonstrates a specially kind of cultural phenomenon with specially ways of perceiving and understanding of sounds (musical and non-musical). It should gain some scholarly attention…..



Games, 2

Let’s go fishing!

Stage for live performances

There are about 15-20 night markets in Tainan and hundreds in whole Taiwan. Interested? Visit Taiwan!!

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