Wesleyan Chinese Music Ensemble’s biannual concert was held on Dec. 2, 2010, at Crowell Music Hall at Wesleyan University. Five pieces were presented this semester, including three ensemble pieces, one erhu and ensemble piece, and a percussion piece.

Founded in 2002, Wesleyan Chinese Music Ensemble is designed as a semester-based course, recruiting new students from all background and majors every semester. Students are trained through approximately 12-week classes to learn the instrument techniques, rehearsal skills and concepts, and different music styles, and give a concert in the end of each semester. The current ensemble consists of about 70% of new students (who’d never learned Chinese instruments before), 10% of experienced members, and 20% of guest musicians (percussionists).

Below are the titles and youtube clips of the pieces. Comments on any aspects of the performance are welcome.

01- Xi Qing (Joyous Celebration)

02 Feng Yang Hua Gu

03. Jiang Bo Wu Ying (Dancing Shadow Reflected on River)

04 Erquan Yingyue (The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs)

05 Song, Zhu, Mei (Pine, Bamboo and Plum)

Director & Conductor: Po-wei Weng
Erhu Solo: Anya Palkowski
Group leader and assistant: Alan Rodi and Anya Palkowski (erhu); Yun Fan and Alec McLane (plucked Instruments)
Members: Ashlin Aronin (zhongrun), Yousry Benayoun (zheng and percussion), Charmaine Chen (erhu), Cameron Couch (daruan), Janet Cushey (erhu and zhonghu), Yun Fan (pipa), Baomie Fang (yangqin), Lingyuan Ke (dizi), Samuel Li (yangqin), Xiaoran Li (liuqin), Miin Lin (erhu), Lucas Mantilla (zhongrun), Alec McLane (sheng), Yuki Ohmori (dizi), Anya Palkowski (zhonghu and erhu), Yueying Peng (pipa), Alan Rodi (erhu), Gavin Swee (erhu), Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn (erhu), Guangshuo Yang (dizi), Shu Zhang (sanxian).
Guests: Joseph Getter, (percussion), Eoin Callery (percussion), Gabriel Kastelle (gaohu and erhu), Thomas Kuntz (bass), Aaron Paige (percussion), Dustin Wiebe (percussion), Min Yang (percussion), and Su Zheng (cello).

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  1. These guys were born to perform on stage with brilliance in sharing their music. Well, hoping I could play at least one instrument.

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