Wesleyan Chinese Music Ensemble’s biannual concert was held on April 30, 2011, at World Music Hall, Wesleyan University. 11 pieces were presented, including five ensemble pieces, one dizi and ensemble piece, a percussion piece, a dizi trio, a quintet for plucked instrument, and an erhu solo.

Founded in 2002, The Wesleyan Chinese Music Ensemble is an active, fast-growing world music group at Wesleyan. The members of the ensemble (34 in this semester’s concert) include undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and friends from the local and neighboring communities. As one of the most popular East Asian performance courses, students from diverse backgrounds participate in the ensemble and their concerts attract an audience from both Wesleyan and the larger communities. In the past few years, the ensemble has presented a wide range of Chinese music styles and genres, offering an opportunity for students and audience alike to experience Chinese culture through the music.

Below are selected titles and youtube clips of the repertoire. Comments on any aspects of the performance are welcome.

1. Jin She Kuang Wu (The Frantic Dance of the Golden Snake)


2. Cai Cha Ge (Tea Picking Song)


3. Cai Yun Zhui Yue (Colored Clouds Chasing the Moon)


4. Hong Lou Meng Xu Qu; (Overture of the Dream of the Red Chamber)


5. Radetzsky March


The members of the ensemble (fall 2011)

Dizi: Yumengxi Fu, Lingyuan Ke, Xiao You, and Bryton Ying-Cheh VanGundy*
Sheng: Alec McLane
Gaohu (erhu): Alan Rodi
Erhu: Kamonwan Arttachariya, Joanna Florento, Gavin Swee, Yanru Wang, and Michael Yee
Zhonghu (erhu): Janet Cushey
Liuqin: Naixi Wang
Pipa: Yun Fan, Yueyin Peng, Angela Lo, and Emily Hui-Lin VanGundy*
Zhongruan: Cameron Couch and Muhan Gao
Daruan: Sihui Zhu
Sanxian: Shu Zhang
Yangqin: Ashlin Aronin, Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, Baomie Fang* and Samuel Li*
Guzheng: Yuki Ohmori
Cello: Su Zheng*
Bass: Thomas Kuntz*
Percussion: Eoin Callery,* Stephanie Choi,* Tim Gaylord,* Joseph Getter* and Min Yang*
Vocal Solo: Min Yang*
* Guest Musician

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